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The History of Hilton Head, South Carolina

The beautiful Island of Hilton Head was spotted by English Captain, William Hilton in 1663. Captain Hilton named the island after himself as Hilton was his surname. He added Head in reference to the headlands that were visible while sailing the uncharted waters. Hilton Head has a deep and rich cultural heritage.

Modern day Hilton Head began to take shape in the 1950's by the development efforts of Charles Frasier. Often referred to as the "Hamptons of the South", Hilton Head boasts an array of world-class golf courses, over 300 tennis courts,12 miles of Atlantic beaches, outdoor entertainment venues, 6 public marina's, 250+ restaurants, shopping and a plethora of outdoor activities including the annual RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. There are 50 plus miles of public pathways and nature trails for biking and leisure. Three hundred fifty species of birds reside on Hilton Head and some of the most beautiful wildlife areas including Pickney Island are a playground for study and exploration. Between the months of May and October, Loggerhead turtles create nests and lay eggs on the beaches of Hilton Head. 


Hilton Head is home to eleven large gated communities in addition to various other large non-gated and gated smaller communities. Whether you're considering becoming a second home-owner, retiree, or looking to be a coastal family, Hilton Head has something to offer everyone. 

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